21 OCTOBER 2023

Wake Up Call

Environment matters, elevating perceptions and redefining 'impossible'

In the face of this, the rain, the cold and the darkness crumbled away into dust. Taking the first critical steps towards where I wanted to go had suddenly become the ‘easy’ option. No matter what the conditions would look like, at the very minimum, I would show up.

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9 JULY 2023

The spirit of travelling

Taking photographs with old machines, swimming in the chaos and rigid expectations

The fear of judgement was made secondary to this overarching curiosity and any discomfort that I might have been causing through the process of doing the work was in service of making something interesting.

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18 JUNE 2023

Playing on the surface

What looks like work to others but feels like play to you?

The one reliable way of building one’s self esteem is to partake in these small, tactical engagements with reality and to come out the other end successful and, most importantly, to be able to understand firsthand that one has the capacity to become the sort of person that is capable of affecting the reality that surrounds us.

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4 JUNE 2023

Momentous conversations

Eureka insights, tunnel vision focus and saying yes

It’s surprising how the things we so desperately need often appear during moments when we are not actively in pursuit.

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14 MAY 2023

Blood on the Leaves

Time will tell

An umbrella of yellow leaves hanging over park bench on a sunny autumn day.

It is not as if the trees had suddenly decided to switch overnight, but on this day it was easier to notice the vibrancy of the transition of autumn settling in.

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9 APRIL 2023


Sparks of inspiration, to having fun while doing what looks like work and long distance running

A page in a physical book with a line of text saying "The work reveals itself as you go."

The numbers got me curious, but it was the how that led to the questions. Over time, I got to learn that not only was he doing impressive speeds over large distances, he was having fun while doing it all.

No way!’ was my instinctive reaction to learning this. To me, running has always been associated with pushing, effort, exertion, intensity, pace, velocity and… exhaustion. But fun? That sounded totally wild, and yet intriguing at the same time.

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4 MARCH 2023


Going home, two way conversations and good fortune

A group of shoes gathered on the floor at the main entrance door of a house

Upon arriving back in Kuala Lumpur, it became evident very quickly that as much as time has passed for me, it has also passed for the people, places and things that I knew of 8 years ago.

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8 JANUARY 2023

More and less

Pastries and sunshine, being in pursuit and 'getting to'

That small transitory experience was yet another hint that the chase does not need to be enveloped by extravagance, and that much can be had with so little.

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27 DECEMBER 2022

The Playground

To just saying yes, genchi gembutsu and grappling with fear

Change, by definition, is a scary and tumultuous proposition even at the best of times, when we have the option of saying yes or no. There are many other times when change is applied to us, rather than one we actively choose to engage at our own will.

In the more fortunate circumstance of the latter, it is still important to realise that choosing to stay put also has its own price.

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11 DECEMBER 2022


Well worn tools, books that age with grace over time and shelves that inspire humility

Just like a full garage packed to the brim with well used tools and equipment, endless rows of bookshelves gives a sense that the owner has put in the necessary work of making use of the latent potential towards some end.

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13 NOVEMBER 2022


Technology enables, productivity as stored energy and hustle should also be about displacement

With this lens, technology is an enabler not because it allow us to ‘use less’ — in other words, to do the things we currently already do but with less energy and time — but because they unlock the option of doing far more than what humans previously conceived as possible.

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30 OCTOBER 2022


Signalling intent, long queues as detractors and bottomless desire

There are many aspects of life where it is ideal to have high convenience and low prices, where one can transact and exchange to satisfy desires immediately, but there seems to be these niche pockets where we long for low convenience and eye watering prices.

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16 OCTOBER 2022


Curbside parking, aspirations and golden handcuffs

What do people even do in this city to own a car like that?” was the next question that came to mind. It was a question aimed at the how — one that sought to reach beyond just the surface level what.

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2 OCTOBER 2022

Days worth celebrating

A milestone marker for my 27th birthday

Within every day, there is a beginning followed by an end. An open followed by a close. A sun rise followed by a sun set.

These are the motions that are part of the natural cycle of what it means to experience time, of what it means to be subject to physical reality, of what it means to live.

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The aftertaste of spending, action as pickaxes for truth and defining sacrifice

It can be $5 or $500, but what they all share in common is this permeating, deep seated sense of satisfaction, appreciation and enjoyment.

A transaction, sure, but a willing exchange of money for the thing I had really wanted.

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Fast-forwarding through the mundane, hitting 0.01x and the great game

As a kid, one of my strongest desires was to make time pass by as quickly as possible.

It was not in school, the swimming teams, books or spending time with the other kids at the playground that attracted me the most, but instead it was the entire new worlds that were unlocked through the key that was video games.

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20 AUGUST 2022

On knowing nothing

Learning the ropes of development, code golfing and thinking about the future while building on the present

Instead of a focus on ‘my solution is the best’, the question at the front of everyone’s mind is, ‘how might we learn by sharing our viewpoints with one another?'

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14 AUGUST 2022


The traveller's mentality, finite time and paying attention

During such journeys, sensations of novelty can come from doing the most mundane activities, like having breakfast or looking out across the horizon from a peak.

Because they feel ‘new’, our senses become heightened to be in sync with things as they occur.

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1 AUGUST 2022


Learning by having fun, quality books and doing what works

If you cannot do, read. If you cannot read, listen. If you cannot listen, watch.

No matter what, just keep moving.

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24 JULY 2022

In spite of

Hitting dew point, fingertip feel and confronting the enemy of difficult

Instinctive responses towards doing the difficult but important things are surprisingly misleading, especially when the weather is cold and the sun is yet to rise.

This is not to say that every good thing has to lie behind intimidating barriers of discomfort but there are many things that come to my mind where the reward is sweeter when the journey of getting towards it was not as simple as one had expected in the beginning.

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16 JULY 2022

Looking back to move forward

Trusting machines, rational magic and the illusion of simplicity

There is magic all around us, driven by technologies, tools, systems and processes that make human quality of life easier, faster and more enjoyable.

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3 JULY 2022

Pull and push

Hello sunshine, living for the weekend and doing more of the right stuff

There I was sitting on some random bench feeling like the happiest man in the world, and all I needed was some sunlight at an open air public place, a pen, a notebook and some warm clothes.

Could it really be this simple?

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25 JUNE 2022

The Idea Maze

Philosophical technologists, startup engineering and placing bets on the future

How does one know what to do when there is no map?

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12 JUNE 2022

In between worlds

New chapters, what makes a 'business' a business and the importance of drivers

How did I even get here?’ is the question I still ask myself every now and then.

If making the jump from the world of process engineering and large scale cement manufacturing into the world of software-as-a-service (SaaS) and startups sounds crazy to you, trust me, I feel the same way — if not even more bewildered!

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5 JUNE 2022

The hardest worker in the room

Eternal teachers, inflection points and algorithms for getting what you want

Something had clicked.

So you’re telling me that I can alter my circumstances by just… trying?

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29 MAY 2022


Morning runs, positive feedback loops and infinite sustainability

We do the hard things, not because they are hard, but because they are worth it.

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22 MAY 2022

Cost of living

Quantifying quality of life, inevitable costs and the price of optionality

Most of the time, we cannot control costs. No matter where you are or who you are, there is no way to avoid the costs of being alive.

But what we can control is the price we are willing to pay for everything.

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15 MAY 2022


Fake it till you make it... then what?

Only when our stories are clear to ourselves that we can begin to reasonably expect others to understand us better.

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8 MAY 2022

A long time coming

Leaving for Melbourne

One of the tragedies of growing up — observing, experimenting and living more of the ‘real’ world — is to be plagued by the phantom of ‘no, you can’t.’

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29 APRIL 2022

A Reason To

Working for oneself, what it takes to be the boss and how to be productive while binging Netflix

There was nobody I could blame or delegate responsibility to for coercing me into doing the things I had to do. Whether I would succeed or fail was purely up to me. The situation, then, was such that I had no choice but to lean in and try to make it work as best as I could—fuelled purely on intrinsic motivation and not much else.

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22 APRIL 2022

Investing time

The rising tide, formulating quality questions and solving problems at scale

‘Where would be the best investment of your future time and energy?’ — is now the prime question at the front of mind when it comes to researching companies doing interesting and important work.

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8 APRIL 2022

Layer cake

The necessity of abstractions, why a family sedan is a race car in disguise and how technology grows

When you drive a car, ride a bicycle, turn on the hot water in the shower or use a computer, it would be quite unusual to ask the question of, ‘how does this actually work?’

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1 APRIL 2022


Minimum financial literacy, up-only and do-your-own-research

One of the really encouraging aspects of the rise of cryptocurrency into popular culture is its role as a forcing function that promotes financial literary. In order for one to participate in the space, let alone to win, it is necessary to have a basic level of financial literacy.

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26 MARCH 2022

Making sense of 'community'

Weaning off virtual spaces, building community off an idea, NFT-enabled intimacy

In hindsight, it was through opting into such associations that was what allowed me to meet like-minded people who shared the same values — creating a feeling of belonging and that we were on the same journey together.

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16 MARCH 2022

Murder to Excellence

Making good things great, iterations fuelled by frustration and meaningful impact


It is likely you are familiar with the brand name, or have directly interacted with one of the many Dyson products out there in the wild, whether it is the vacuum cleaner or the hair dryer you have at home or when drying your hands at a public washroom with an Airblade.

It turns out that James Dyson, the inventor and entrepreneur behind the brand, has been innovating and creating since the 1970s — these everyday products that are available today have spent a long time in the making.

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11 MARCH 2022


What the hash, dipping the toes into Web3 and evolving social networks

The waves are getting pretty high and choppy, but yet everyone in the water is managing well and doing what they need to do to stay afloat.

In this moment, you have two options: to continue to be an outside observer or to jump in along with everyone else and try to ride the waves.

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3 MARCH 2022

Weapons of creation

War as an economic booster shot, managing the logistics of a battlefront and no-man's land

Wartime does not discriminate. The young and able are the first to be deployed onto the front lines, but the resources that a battlefront demands will eventually propagate into the rest of society — be it in the driving of trucks, the running of an administration or in the production of food.

This is why the whole world is watching Ukraine and Russia  — the localised events will have downstream consequences on a global scale.

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24 FEBRUARY 2022


Potent but short lived illness as reminders of what are truly important

It is interesting how even the slightest of illnesses can throw one’s life out of balance. There is nothing like being ill to remind me of how fragile my body actually is.

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16 FEBRUARY 2022

On 'networking'

Self proclaimed degenerate reader, dropping books without fear and making networking enjoyable

You think you know something about anything? Just wait till you see what all these other people know — about themselves, others and the world around us. We are just getting started with a glimpse into a single node, now imagine multiplying that by 10x, 100x or even 1000x. What would the landscape look like then?

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11 FEBRUARY 2022

Now & Forever

Choosing what to listen to, memory fragments and marginal cost of replication

Just like the adage ‘you become the average of the five people you spend the most time with’, music is another form that can be quite insightful into who we are. What we listen to, what we choose to allow to be said to ourselves, turns out to be a strong psychological determinant in how we think.

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Surface area of luck

Australian tech space explorations, sunk cost fallacy and loosely held strong opinions

The sheer quantity of companies and people who are out there doing really interesting work was astounding and a pleasant surprise — previously, I had no idea that there was such a vibrant ecosystem right here in Australia and still upheld this default notion that the most interesting technology companies were abroad, not here.

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26 JANUARY 2022

Pull up

We learn how to train our bodies, but not our minds.‍

When in a triathlon, whether it is the arms wind milling in the water, the legs turning over the pedals or the feet pounding the pavement, it seems to be more about the mental game rather than the physical.

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19 JANUARY 2022

How to design a life

Wisdom-flow through podcasts, self-authoring and dreaming without fear

I found that, not only were the podcasts entertaining for the daily commutes, but there would more often than not be ‘aha moments’ — when I would gain a fresh insight to something I had been thinking about or learn something new that I could continue working on after.

Podcasting to me became all about learning, and it was incredible having the ability to ‘learn anywhere and anytime’, particularly useful for the many moments I would be doing mundane things or working with my hands.

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11 JANUARY 2022


Running everyday for the past 30 days — what would this look like if it were easy?

In the beginning, I knew I was going to need some sort of structure to the days ahead. There was no longer going to be a full-time job to keep me ‘busy’, there were no pre-determined rules or guidelines, the field was wide open.

The funny thing about freedom is that in its complete, absolute form, things tend to fall apart. What I have come to realise is that my mind functions best when there are established boundaries, rules and constraints. I mentioned that this is funny, and this is what I mean.

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4 JANUARY 2022


Looking through the glass — pivoting into startups & tech

Since leaving Gladstone and returning to Perth, I have spent much time in reflection and have reached a point where I am ready to look forward, through the windscreen instead of the rearview mirror.

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27 DECEMBER 2021

High leverage everyday things

A journey into speciality coffee, tasting magic and appreciating contrast

These two elements are mutually inclusive, conditions of “high leverage and rare” or “low leverage and everyday” are not appealing to me. Once I find something that can be considered as high leverage, I want to be able to make it a part of my life — to become repeatable.

I believe that a happy life consists of a continuous accumulation of small, happy moments — not the transient blips of joy that come from big purchases, public achievements or one-off celebrations.

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15 DECEMBER 2021

'What is Money?'

A beginner’s sojourn into crypto — a guide on just getting started

This was the question that hooked me into cryptocurrencies, as I explored further in a previous blog from September 21'.

With some time on my hands in recent weeks, I decided to dedicate myself towards studying the mechanisms underneath crypto beyond the news headlines and the price actions, to understand the ‘blockchain’ itself. What motivated me was the fact that I barely had any clue of what people were actually referring to when they spoke about cryptocurrencies, and this bothered me a lot.

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I have never felt like I have belonged on the internet.

What a strange feeling to have, having been online for much of my childhood all the way up to present day.

How could it be possible to feel isolated, with a near-effortless capability to connect with anyone in the world who has an internet connection (4.5+ billion human beings)?

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30 NOVEMBER 2021


Life pivots, hill climbing and the Red Queen Effect

Wide photograph looking down at Gladstone city, Queensland, from window seat of airplane

Within the ‘ground zero’ of day-to-day living, it is so easy to get caught up in the minutiae, to feel stressed and at times overwhelmed by the problems that needed to be overcome. It is interesting, then, how the exact same problems look and feel different when looking at them from (literally) a different perspective.

Which of the problems were truly important and not just urgent? Really, there were only a selected few.

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For when there is nothing to write about

Just get started, clean thinking and the luxury of reading books

For me, the ‘slow days’ when it comes to sitting down to write has involved a lot of time waiting and staring at a blank page, blindly hoping for some divine inspiration to catalyse the process of getting words on paper.

Over time, I have learnt that these are the wasteful moments, because it is actually through the process of writing something, not the contemplation about or preparation to write, that leads to more ideas to write about.

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30 OCTOBER 2021


How you expend your time is how you expend your life.

What else do we truly possess but the time we are granted? Time to live, time to wander, time to expend and time to waste.

To be ‘running out of time’, it seems, is to eventually run no more.

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23 OCTOBER 2021

Live to Work

What is the alternative?

Rumbling with the question of “What would a great life look like?” and then having to decide between two simple options:

A) To change (and downgrade) the dream

B) To alter my current trajectory

It has been chaotic, unsettling, painful, indecisive, frustrating but at the same time, hopeful, inspiring and challenging.

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14 OCTOBER 2021

The Machine

A great cog is one that has lost its place

Landscape photograph of Gladstone' harbour during sunset

Each individual cog is then, by necessity, intentionally designed to operate within a pre-determined range in order to produce a pre-determined range of outcomes.

No more, no less, just what is required. The ultimate achievement is to match what is expected. To do anything other than this is to thwart the order of the system.

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8 OCTOBER 2021

Writing to forget

Wrestling with entropy, practicing daily journaling and fountain pens that do what they say

It is so easy to overlook how beautiful it is to be able to wake up to a new day.

I go to sleep every night with the blind assumption that I will automatically wake up the next day and have another shot at life. However, behind the scenes, there is a lot that needs to go right in order to allow this to happen.

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6 OCTOBER 2021

Temperature: maximum

When shit hits the fan, turn the fan off

It was 8:30 PM, and I found myself parked up on the curbside of a freeway off-ramp, an hour away from Brisbane city which was my intended destination for the night. Things were not going to plan.

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Life Warriors

Craft a life with as much zeal as it takes to craft great weekends

If we have the capacity to wholeheartedly craft a plan all week long and commit five days to live fully for the two-day weekend, what would it look like if we took the same level of passion to wholeheartedly craft a good life?

Such a big question from a seemingly mundane casual conversation between a couple of strangers, yikes.

Here we go.

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Trading tears for a PlayStation 2

The rabbit hole of cryptocurrency

My first encounter with cryptocurrency was sometime between 2010–2012. I recall some old memories of my brother running a mining setup just from his home computer. I remember this vividly because of the many complaints that were coming from the parents; their concerns stemmed from the step change in the electricity bill during those times his computer would be churning through computations.

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Forces of Nature

A Call to Fight Equilibrium

Nature can even be viewed as a system, one that it in continual optimisation of itself, it has no obligation to give a damn about whether one particular living being makes it through to the following day or not, let alone prosper into the future.

‘Nature knows best’ — but for who?

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26 AUGUST 2021

The Eminent CEO

Money is the byproduct of value creation, not the other way around.

‘How do I earn more money?’

‘Who do I have to be around?’

‘What do I have to do?’

After recycling through these questions over and over again, spinning the mental cogs and getting nowhere, I eventually stumbled upon a new question, a reframe.

‘How much value am I producing?’

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18 AUGUST 2021

What are you willing to trade for?

Whether we like it or not, or are conscious of it or not, we are executing trades at every moment of decision.

Vintage photograph of military personnel buying over-the-counter materials

To cook and consume food:
We trade money and time, in exchange, for energy and sustenance.

To work:
We trade energy and time, in exchange, for money and purpose.

To socialise:
We trade attention and time, in exchange, for love and connection.

A trade is an exchange, not a sacrifice. An exchange of value for value, you receive what you really want for what you are willing to surrender.

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14 AUGUST 2021

'Never accept a free Lamborghini'

Looters of value

The car does not make the owner, instead it is the owner that makes the car — a looter’s car becomes a moving symbol of undeserved wealth, transforming the material object from a source of pride and achievement to something ugly and disdainful.

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12 AUGUST 2021

Ideas are cheap

Over time, as the world closed up shop and receded into safe mode, the mind started to open up and create a bunch of noise.

What a privilege it is, to have the time and freedom to be able to choose to learn, handpick what to learn from and who to listen to.

I was inspired and curious, humbled and in awe, but at the same time excited for the future.

What I started to perceive of the world around me started to evolve, to expand and grow. I started to see possibilities and ideas, while becoming less obsessed with my own individual angst, all the noise about closed borders, lockdowns and forced isolations.

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27 JULY 2021

The Incubation of Ideas

A Third Place

A part of me was saying ‘why can’t places like this be everywhere?!’ and another part of me was in awe, of the skill of Bridge’s owner in creating such an atmosphere through his passion for quality.

I was mesmerised. I had to go see this place myself.

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9 JULY 2021


Teaspoons, cups and pinches

Lotus flower emerging from water

A recipe for success.

Have '_ _ _ _ _'.

Do '_ _ _ _ _'.

Be '_ _ _ _ _'.


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18 JUNE 2021


Information rich, knowledge poor

Man standing on a huge boulder taking a selfie

'The older I get, the more time I spend - as a percentage of each day - on crafting better questions... Life punishes the vague wish and rewards the specific ask.' - Tim Ferriss

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21 MARCH 2021


Ask questions

Landscape image of cyclists in a triathlon

You are capable of doing far more than you can even comprehend.

There are parts of you that have yet to be unlocked or fully uncovered.

But often the greatest challenge we all face is in taking that first step.

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23 FEBRUARY 2021

Listen closely

Voices in my head

Wall mural in Melbourne, Victoria

For many things, it is wise to heed what you are told.

This includes your own voice, the one that lives inside your head.

But there are times when the rewards far outweigh the risks. It is in these times where it is wise to jump.

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13 OCTOBER 2020


The Hour Glass

View of Brisbane city from airplane seat

A trip away from home, away from work, into the unknown.

Time to taste, time to feel, time to learn.

Today, here and now.

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14 AUGUST 2020


Down the rabbit hole

Photo of unoccupied table in a library covered in books

'It was the dragon', said Billy. 'There's no such thing', Mother started to say. 'There is a dragon', Billy insisted, 'A very big dragon'. And Billy patted the dragon on the head. The dragon wagged its tail happily. Then even faster than it had grown, the dragon started getting smaller. Soon it was kitten size again. 'I don't mind dragons this size', said Mother.
- An excerpt from There's No Such Thing as a Dragon by Jack Kent

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13 JUNE 2020


Perfect imperfections

Man in a suit holding a briefcase about to cross a zebra crossing

"You think your pain and your heartbreak are unprecedented in the history of the world, but then you read. It was books that taught me that the things that tormented me the most were the very things that connected me with all the people who were alive, or who had ever been alive" - James Baldwin

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12 APRIL 2020


Slow down, homie

Man and woman standing in front of a backlit artwork

The world closes shop and recedes into Safe Mode.

The mind opens up and creates a bunch of noise.

There are no easy distractions left to occupy it.

What should one do with all of this time freed up time?

Decisions, decisions ...

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21 JULY 2019

Mini retirements

Test the waters

Picture of a quote written on piece of paper

Hours roll into days.

Days roll into weeks.

And soon weeks into years.

Life is short, and yet we are often told to rush towards the end where freedom of time and money awaits.


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29 JUNE 2019


What is your price?

Landscape photo of a Thrifty rental truck parked by side of the road

What would I do if someone gave me a million dollars? "I don't know", would be the response in my head.

Money has never really been something that I've been asked much about or, even for myself, to have put much thought to. But my conditioning so far tells me this: the bigger the number, the better.

But what does 'better' even mean to me? What is it about money that I'm chasing here?

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8 APRIL 2019


Lose to gain

Photograph of staircase

Two years ago, I decided for myself that I wanted to run away from everything and chase adventure. I wanted to shake things up, throw life in the air and see where the pieces would land. I knew I had to get away from familiar places, familiar faces and to see how far I could go on my own two feet.

Today, I sit down to get some answers from the past.

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17 MARCH 2019

365 days

This time last year

Black and white photograph of a close by mountain peak

With much delay, I notice this post hidden away and sitting in the corner of my laptop.

Perhaps there was a part of me hoping that it would simmer away and develop more flavour. Who knows.

This is a reflection of 2018 for me.

Better late than never?

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23 NOVEMBER 2018


Back to basics

Landscape photo of 3 men looking up at a nearby flying drone

Taking a break has made me think about who I'm writing for. It would make sense if these stories are intended to allow others to understand myself better, but maybe this is only a small part of it.

Articulating experiences through storytelling has allowed for me to glean deeper insights into my own past. I am writing for myself.

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9 JUNE 2018

The Next Mission

Mid year crisis

Photograph of a man walking up stairs holding an umbrella, shot from low angle

A wise friend once said, "When in doubt, diversify".
Most people would read this and think along the lines of financial diversification. The idea of not being reliant on a single source of income, for there are many things are completely out of your control that can steal this stability from right beneath you. My recent transition from university taught me that this can apply much more broadly, culminating in the idea of diversifying one's sense of identity.

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21 APRIL 2018

Mind control

The monkey mind

Photograph of man standing in front of a Mitsubishi FTO

It's fascinating how we dedicate time, money and effort towards training our bodies, our careers and our bank accounts but rarely do we consider training our mind. Starting a meditation routine has showed me that the mind in it's day-to-day, hour-to-hour, minute-to-minute state can actually be a very noisy, chaotic and unfamiliar place, something which I have never really paid any real attention to in the past.

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17 MARCH 2018

What is mine

Mount Archer

Portrait photo of a maroon Mitsubishi FTO

Never did I ever imagine that I would be standing in a place like this, on a peak that I ascended with the help of my own car, let alone the idea of living and working in a regional town in Central Queensland. It seemed all too crazy. And exciting. And full of possibilities. But also doable and in control, because here I was. Everything was coming together.

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2 MARCH 2018

Letting go

Same old, same old

Photograph of two museum visitors looking at artwork hanging on wall

The writing was on the wall. Life was about to take me in a new direction and in fact, right across to the other side of the country. And I was genuinely excited. I had 3 remaining weeks to spend back home in Perth and I was able to step back and breathe a bit.

It made me realise that the life I had built in this city, the people and support systems I cultivated around me played no small part in giving me a deep sense of security and bolstering my confidence in taking this leap across the country and into the unknown.

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25 JANUARY 2018

My tribe

"That's so weird."

Man and woman sitting on floor in conversation

When conversations are able to float into topics you would never have the chance to talk about otherwise with people who I only got to know over a very short amount of time, that's when I knew I had found it.

This is about the meaningful connections that go above and beyond just getting along with another person because you share some common interests and enjoy each other's company; the intense feeling of mutual understanding that develops from being in an environment where there is nothing holding you back from being honest.

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1 JANUARY 2018

New year, new year

It's really all about people

Blurred photo of fireworks

Celebrating New Years Eve did not mean doing something grand or celebrating just for the sake of the date. It meant getting together the family and people close to you, to share a meal at the dinner table and to talk about the past year and then sharing the moment when midnight comes along. It's not really about what happens but more on who you get to celebrate the occasion with that is more important.

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Summer in a new city

All in or nothing

Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne

Personally, I do not consider myself a very emotional person and would self identify with terms such as 'calm' and 'deals well with pressure'. My experience of leaving Perth for a 3 month placement with a non profit in Melbourne was an emotionally turbulent time but I did not want to (or did not know how to) admit it to myself at the time.

It took me some time to recognise the noise in my own mind and then to appease the turbulence by going through some tough questions.

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1 OCTOBER 2017

Pedal strokes

The greatest cycling challenge of my life

Photograph of road bikes parked in front of house

October 2017 was an intense whirlwind of an experience. It all started from a Facebook post and before I knew it, I was spinning pedals to raise money for a good cause which spiraled into many long days on the saddle with a new team which culminated in a 3 consecutive day pro/am race in the annual Tour Of Margaret River.

This is a story of how I overcome my own doubts and did something I never believed I was capable of.

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