14 MAY 2023

Blood on the Leaves

Time will tell

An umbrella of yellow leaves hanging over park bench on a sunny autumn day.

It was quite the surprise to look up one day and to notice that the leaves on the trees were turning from green to yellow, from yellow to red and from being attached to branches to being laid on the pavement.

It is not as if the trees had suddenly decided to switch overnight, but on this day it was easier to notice the vibrancy of the transition of autumn settling in.

The crux of this experience was in the shock of finding out that something I had previously written off as not worth paying any attention to — something as mundane as a singular tree in the open wilderness of a public park — could be so spectacularly beautiful.

Yes indeed, the seasons were changing. This has always happened, long before I had arrived and for long after I have gone.

All that has changed, really, was my perspective on the very same thing.